ICICTE 2007 Heraklion

Well, here I am sat in the foyer of the Atlantis Hotel, in Heraklion Crete, and at the end of the second day of the ICICTE Conference. It's been an interesting day with two stimulating workshops and several interesting papers. The first workshop was conducted by Henk Eijkman an Australian staff developer at the University of New England who spoke on the subject of Web 2.0. He got us running round the room doing many exercises and discussion around the idea of using Web 2.0 social software in the classroom. We all came away with several new ideas about how to use wikis, blogs and a host of other tools to enhance and extend the learning experience.

ICICTE kicked off yesterday with a keynote from Professor Rob Koper of the Dutch Open University, who inspired us with a report on TENCompetence - a European funded project that taps into the use of e-learning to create and maintain new competences for the workplace. More on this later, when I have had time to reflect on the enormity of what he is proposing....

Tonight several of us went out to sample the traditional Greek fayre (Souvlaki, Choriatiki, stay off the Raki), and the balmy climate of this region. Tomorrow I will be giving my own paper after lunch, entitled: 'Learning with 'e's: Defining e-Learning in a Knowledge Economy'. I hope to promote some healthy discussion on exactly what e-learning is, and the boundaries within which is can be defined. More on this also later... In the meantime, it's now 11.30 pm local time, so I'm off to bed. Kalinihxta!


Gordon said…
Hi Steve
Thought I'd better touch base.

What do you mean by "stay off the raki" ? I thought that was a highlight!!!

Sorry that your travel was impeded by congested traffic. Travel wasn't any better on Olympic Airlines - I only just made my connection at Athens. However, back in NZ now in the middle of winter and pinning for the heat of crete.

Will be in touch again soon.
Steve Wheeler said…
Glad to hear you arrived home safely Gordon. Will be in touch soon via e-mail. The floods here in the UK are rising and it feels wintry. I think we have lost our British summer, so memories of the heat in Heraklion are all I have... [weep for me now] .. but next year in Samos!
Anonymous said…
Hi Steve
Just trying to catch up with a lot of stuff that seems to have accumulated!!!

Samos sounds great for 2008. Trying to work out how i can organise it.
Gordon said…
Just realised I published as anonymous. Still a learner in blogging.
swheeler said…
Hey Gordon - knew it was you, 'cos you signed it! Looks like we may have some summer here after all in England. It's been warmer and drier here these last few days, and the flood waters are receding 'oop north'. Would be great if you could join us next year at ICICTE in Samos... Should be a great conference again.

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