Greece is the word

Kalamera! I'm off on my travels once again next week, back to the Mediterranean again - to the beautiful Greek island of Crete. I'm speaking at the International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE) Conference and I'm looking forward to hooking up again with old friends and also meeting some new colleagues. My paper is entitled 'Learning with 'e's: Defining technology supported e-learning within a knowledge economy', and I hope to generate some debate about the evolving nature of e-learning.

The keynote speaker is Rob Koper from the Open University of the Netherlands. He is the director of learning technologies, and leads a team of 40 researchers. The Open University is based in Heerlen and Maastricht, down in the extreme south of Holland, and it's an old stomping ground for me... I went to school there between 1971-73.

We will be staying at the Atlantis Hotel in Heraklion, and the conference will be located in the hotel, which means no long distance travel to get to the venue, like we had to in Napoli.... Forecast for next week is blue sky (thinking) and temperatures up to 33 degrees. I will blog about the conference when I can, if I don't get thermal shock.


Steve it was very generous of you to show Asher and I how to stay cool at the Atlantis bar. It would be good to catch up on the conversation next year.
Steve Wheeler said…
Absolutely - I'm planning on hitting Samos for ICICTE next year direct from Kuala Lumpur where I'm editing the proceedings for the IFIP conference. Probably be jet-lagged as hell, but that would be a good time to sit down and sink a few more with you and Ash... Cheers mate.

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