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It's morning here in the Czech Republic, we are in Ceske Budejovice and the weather has broken. Yesterday we had blazing sunshine and today it has been raining and the temperature has dropped. With the students we walked around for hours in Prague and trammed, bussed and metro'd our way in and out of all the interesting sites. On our way down the funicular railway a few days ago (the slippery slope on the left) I had a conversation with our guides Brian and Dale (another slippery slope...) that meandered around many subjects but settled on the topic of collective nouns. Apparently, the collective noun for moles is an industry. The collective noun for ducks is a raft if they are on water and a team if they are in the air. There is a parliament of owls, and presumably a plague of politicians...

Got me thinking about collective nouns for new 'animals' that are appearing, so how about...

  • a dispute of wiki writers

  • a sphere of bloggers

  • a masquerade of Second Lifers

  • a syndication of podcasters

  • an infection of malware (virus) writers

  • a nuisance of spammers

  • a click of elearners (online)

  • a clique of elearners (offline)

  • a banter of emoderators

  • a tapping of web surfers (online)

  • a panic of mobile phone users (no signal)

And finally, in the college...

  • a giggle of secretaries

  • a lack of principals

Anyone have any others?


Neil J said…
A panic of technophobes?
Anonymous said…
Or a 'fix' of computer addicts...?
Anonymous said…
A collision of Wii game players
philippe_abs said…
an isolation of bloggers

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