Told you so...

Won't say I told you so, but.... In my blog on 3rd January 'Living in a post-modem world', I predicted that due to better broadband connections in the UK, and the subsequent increase in music downloads, highstreet shops such as HMV Records would be hard pressed to sell CDs.

Well lo and behold, yesterday HMV announced they will no longer be stocking CD singles, as 'it is no longer relevant to the way it sells music.' (
BBC News Online) Didn't take them long, did it?

To be fair, it's not just about broadband and the web but these are influential factors. As a result, last week there were changes in the way the singles charts in the UK will be compiled. The charts will now take into consideration all the web downloads as well as high street sales. So HMV are the first... will Virgin and the others follow?


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