Taking the Wii

Well it's official. Video games are better for your kids than watching TV. A recent report in The Psychologist [20 (1), pp 26-29] by Kevin Durkin (University of Strathclyde) entitled 'Myers, Media and Modern Times' tells us that although video games have been given bad press in the past, there may be hope.

Video gaming has been held responsible for a number of negative effects including addiction, impairment of family life and peer relations, damage to school performance and even obesity and aggressive behaviour.

Now, says Durkin, a study of over 1000 American 16 year olds has shown that low and high players of video games show less substance abuse than 'never players'. Low and high players of video games also reported higher levels of family closeness and attachment to school than did 'never players'. There must be something in this lark then. 1000 American kids can't be wrong. I'm on to Amazon right away to buy the new Nintendo Wii for each of my kids.

PS: Actually folks, all joking aside, it's an informative article - get hold of it and read it if you are interested in media effects on young people.


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